Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laar: Russia is trying to incriminate Georgia

Estonian Pro Patria leader Mart Laar, who is President Mikheil Saakashhvili’s economic adviser, says he has information about actions by Russian forces which include killing and murder in order to put Georgia in an unfavourable light, Postimees reports (my tr.)

Speaking on the ETV television programme "On the situation in Georgia" last night Maar said he has evidence that Russian troops have killed people on the border with North Ossetia and have then told international agencies that the killings were done by the Georgian side, ERR Novosti reports.

This is also the reason why Russia will not allow international missions into the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali, even though people may still be dying under the rubble of destroyed buildings there.

"The most tragic thing is that many people still lie buried under the rubble. Russia is not letting a single international mission into the region, not even the Red Cross – no one. People are dying. And then, one day their bodies will be recovered from under the ruins with the words "look at what those accursed Georgians did," Laar said.

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