Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Letter

Russia and Georgia at War continues to present an impressive array of moving and thought-provoking posts on the Russian invasion of Georgia. Most recently there is an email letter from  the Mayor Creede, Colorado (USA), whose daughter has just left Georgia for Armenia. Excerpt:

The war in Georgia is symptomatic of the worst of the human condition. We are NOT a world community. We are individuals yearning for individual autonomy in a modern frenzy of collectivism. As we face crises like the current horror of Georgia falling under the oppressive aggression of Russian imperialism we must be careful to realize that we fall prey to similar conditions of the destruction of our individual rights and autonomy whenever we yield-up to others our personal fate. YES, the free world should and needs to respond to this aggression with definite sweeping retaliation. YES, such a response can only come from organized free societies capable of applying rationale strategic and justified military power. But NO, we can not appeal for this legitimate defense of liberty from the "world community" - it does not exist. What exists are millions of individuals throughout the world who share an intrinsic value of their own survival and opportunity to aspire. It is up to the individual throughout the world to come out of his or her stunted state of inactive disengagement and become the voice of reason and self-preservation.

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