Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The situation at 14:25 GMT

According to BBC and Sky news reports and eyewitness accounts by reporters from both channels who are on the main road from Gori to Tbilisi, the column of 60-70 Russian armoured vehicles has exited from Gori and has turned off the main road to a site some 15 kilometres in the direction of Tbilisi. Georgian forces are bringing up artillery and other heavy armour to an area not far from where the Russian column is stationed, and a new front line is being established.

President Bush is due to deliver a live statement from Washington, D.C. at 15:00 GMT

Update: reports now say that the Russian armoured column has turned round and has moved back in the direction of South Ossetia.Georgian troops remain dug in at the side of the Gori-Tbilisi highway, however.
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