Monday, August 11, 2008

Urgent Statement by Georgian NGOs

Georgia has been openly invaded by Russian military forces.
Cities and villages throughout Georgia are being bombed. Numerous of civilians are being killed, thousands of people are homeless, material damage to the country’s infrastructure is devastating.
Georgian citizens are against war. We are being punished for our aspiration to become part of the democratic world. Today our choice to become part of the West is threatened. Russian aggression is a challenge to the international community as well.
We, the civil society organizations of Georgia call for:

  • The World democratic community to take quick and effective measures to stop violence in Georgia;
  • Armed forces of the Russian Federation to stop their intervention immediately and leave the territory of Georgia.
Every minute is critical for the lives of innocent civilians in Georgia!!!
1. The Union “21 Century”
2. National Center of Protection from Violence
3. Women Club “Peoni”
4. Multinational Georgia
5. Article 42 of the Constitution
6. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
7. Constitutional Rights Protection Centre
8. Open Society Georgia Foundation
9. Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development
10. The Youth Network Against Intolerance and Discrimination
11. Civil Integration Foundation
12. Civil Participation Centre
13. Javakheti Democratic Development Centre
14. Civil Council
15. International Center on Conflicts and Negotiations
The statement is open for signing….
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