Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Latvian connection?

This Ukrainskaya Pravda interview from last December has Yulia Tymoshenko claiming Latvian ancestry on her father's side. The interesting paragraphs are these:
Во время пресс-конференции азербайджанская журналистка с ужасом спросила Тимошенко, правда ли, что у нее армянские корни (по слухам, девичья фамилия Тимошенко - Григян).

"У меня по линии отца все латыши до десятого колена, а по линии мамы - все украинцы", - указала Тимошенко.

До десятого колена? To the tenth generation, or ten times removed? Perhaps it's not important, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Her mother's maiden name was Telegina.

Yelena Telegina was a Deputy Minister of Fuel and Power Engineering of the Russian Federation just before Yulia Timoshenko became a Deputy Prime Minister with responsibilities in the Energy Sector of Ukraine. A coincidence, what?