Sunday, January 02, 2005

Their names are known reports:

In an interview broadcast on the 5th Channel of Ukrainian TV on Wednesday evening, elected President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko announced that he knows the names of the people who were involved in his poisoning, Russian news agency REGNUM reports. Yushcehnko said that he knew three or four people who were involved in this matter, reports "When I hear from the representatives of the law enforcement agencies [siloviki], the Public Prosecutor's Office, which persons figure in this matter... [it turns out that] the issue deals with 3-4 people involved with this," said Yushchenko.

In response to a question from a journalist who asked whether after this episode there are "people whom he cannot forgive", Yushchenko said: "The torments I have endured during the last 100 days have not brought a new feeling of anger. Whether it has boiled itself out, or whether it has just gone -- I have no desire for revenge, but there is a wish that these people shall answer before the law."
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