Sunday, January 09, 2005

Putin's Revolution

The concluding paragraphs from a recent article by Aleksandr Dugin, published in Evraziya (my tr.)

Putin Needs a Revolution

Two problems combined together - the passive-destructive mood of the federal elites and the increasingly tough geopolitical challenge from America - are giving rise to a situation that has nothing to do with "stagnation" or "stability". Putin and Russia stand on the threshold of a fundamental crisis which can only be averted in one way - by some kind of unpredictable catastrophe which might take place with the only remaining "superpower". But if everything remains as it is today, America will continue to export its own crises and problems everywhere - to the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus. This is the tested strategy of imperialist powers. And, alas, it proves to be an effective one.

By pacifying internal politics, Putin has defeated his direct political antagonists. But the methods and instruments used to achieve that victory were rather dubious ones. They would only have been justified by a real and radical rotation of the elites and by a mobilization of geopolitical awareness. This has not happened and will not happen. It is a dangerous path. Especially in the face of the threat that hangs over the country.

An easy life and a comfortable "Soviet" drowsiness, enlivened by waves of a new redistribution of property, are not on the cards. At the first serious blow against the country, the whole dysfunctional construction of federal power will come toppling down - both in principle and in psychological type, these people are incapable of taking and implementing historical decisions. And in the conditions of a new wave of geopolitical confrontation, the passivity of inertia and, even more so, a conscious pro-Americanism, would be open sabotage.

The only option that remains to Putin is to prepare for war. The only option that remains to Putin is to bring about a revolution. A revolution from above. Only a readiness for war will guarantee us peace. Only a revolution from above will avert the sabotage of the elites and the alienated passivity of the masses at the critical moment. Which, alas, is coming closer and closer.

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