Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lithuanian American Statement


With regard to the President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus going to the commemoration of the end of the Second World War in Moscow

On May 9th in Moscow, Russia is planning a celebration to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Russia’s President Putin has invited the President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus to celebrate “USSR’s victory” over fascist Germany.

For Lithuania the Second World War did not end on May 9, 1945, but continued until the end of August, 1993, when Russia was finally forced to withdraw her occupation army from Lithuania.

The 50 year long resistance by the Lithuanian nation exacted huge
sacrifices. The Lithuanian nation lost one third of its inhabitants, tens of thousands of its young men died in the partisan resistance, occupiers slaughtered and tortured innocent Lithuanian people and deported them to distant Siberia.

For 50 years Lithuanian Americans led the fight for the non-recognition of the unlawful and forced incorporation of Lithuania into the Soviet Union. In 1953 the United States Congress created the “Select Committee to Investigate the ‘Incorporation’ of the Baltic States into the U.S.S.R”, which determined that the Baltic nations were illegally occupied by force.

Russia has not condemned the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, nor has it condemned the Soviet Union’s imperialistic goals. The “victory” over fascism helped to enable bolshevism and 50 more years of Lithuania’s suffering.

Russia refuses to acknowledge responsibility for Lithuania’s injuries and to compensate the Republic of Lithuania and its people for the damages caused by the USSR’s long occupation. During the 15 years of Lithuania’s re-established independence, Russia found no cause to begin negotiations or to apologize.

Instead, Russia is using the May 9, 2005 sixty year anniversary and “victory” against fascism for its own double meaning purposes.

The Lithuanian American Community, Inc. agrees that Lithuania should be a good neighbor to Russia and should develop a mutually beneficial relationship. However, under no circumstances can it agree that the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus, or any other high ranking official of the Lithuanian government should attend the events of May 9th in Moscow, as it would not only infer an assent to the Soviet occupation but an assent to the carried out soviet communist crimes.

Adopted by vote of the XVII National Board of Directors of the Lithuanian American Community, Inc. on January 15, 2005.

Regina F. Narusis, J.D.
President of the XVII National Board of
Directors of the Lithuanian American Community, Inc.

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t.b.f.k.a.h. said...

hey there, just thought of sharin with ya that i see myself at ukraine and moldova someday. i'll be there for humanitarian purposes.

i don't have much time to read yours posts yet but i saw your 'democracy for ukraine' banner.

nice to know you here. i hope you won't me me blogrolling you?

Aussiegirl said...

Well, as I have Lithuanian friends who personally suffered some absolute horrors at Soviet and Russian hands, I'm inclined to completely agree with the Lithuanian position here. Poland has to make its own decision, but I find it terribly ironic that WWII started over the freedom of Poland and the war ended with Poland being enslaved to Russia. If I were them I wouldn't go. It's not like Russia fought and bled for Polish independence. It's blackmail in my opinion, but then I'm not Polish.