Saturday, November 26, 2005

Annihilation Plan

Stephen Castle reports in the Independent that the new government in Poland has released a Cold War map detailing the Warsaw Pact's training plans for a nuclear war:
Dating from 1979, the map reveals how Soviet forces could respond to a Nato assault by invading Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Red and blue mushroom clouds are marked on the map, showing Soviet nuclear bombs raining down on cities including Brussels, Antwerp, Munich and Stuttgart, and Nato nuclear strikes on Warsaw and a line of Polish territory, cutting the country in two. The Nato objective was to halt a second wave of Soviet troops sweeping westwards from Russia. Polish military chiefs said yesterday that about two million people would have died in Poland alone. Meanwhile, Britain and France appeared to have escaped unscathed, so separate plans may have existed for them
There also reports on the issue in the Telegraph, the Guardian, and the FT.
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