Thursday, December 29, 2005

Beslan Mothers: Summon Dzasokhov

Reporting on December 27 on the continuing Beslan massacre trial in Vladikavkaz, Caucasian Knot observed that
Earlier today, victims in the Beslan school attack case decided not to leave the Supreme Court of North Ossetia until the key prosecution witness comes to the trial. They changed their mind later though, Radio Liberty says. Now the victims demand that the court should provide guarantees that North Ossetia's ex-president Alexander Dzasokhov will arrive at the trial after all.

Beslan Mothers Committee Chairwoman Susanna Dudiyeva spoke on behalf of the victims at the trial, Interfax reports. She noted that relatives of those killed in Beslan thought that the court delayed decision-making on those issues that interested the victims most, in particular summoning North Ossetia's ex-president Alexander Dzasokhov to the trial as a witness. "We believe that Dzasokhov should be recalled from the Federation Council, we've had enough of Dzasokhov hiding behind his immunity as a Federation Council member," Ms Dudiyeva said.

She also added that the victims had filed an address concerning the inadvisability of Mr Dzasokhov's membership of the upper house of the federal parliament to the North Ossetian legislature and to residents of the republic.
(via chechnya-sl)
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