Wednesday, December 14, 2005

British "Humour" - II

In the Financial Times, Roger Blitz has written a satirical comment on the remarks made by Britain's ambassador to Poland, Charles Crawford. The comment takes the form of a fictional letter of apology, which ends:
How splendidly quaint that your people have little to no experience of the verbal joshing that we, the French and Germans have traded in the past 40 years, which has done much to cement European co-operation and harmony. So well practised is such bonhomie that every new member of the EU has felt it necessary, indeed vital, to join in. For many diplomats, such friendly banter is one of the perks of the job and in the eyes of our national peoples justifies much of our remuneration.

I salute the respect and politeness with which you conduct yourselves in EU matters and look forward to seeing how long it lasts. In the meantime, your Polish sense of humour will keep me thoroughly entertained for the rest of my posting.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Crawford
Hat tip: Marius

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