Monday, December 12, 2005

A Pillar of the Islamic World

In Grozny today for the opening of the new Chechen "parliament", President Vladimir Putin gave a speech in the course of which which he apparently said some things that might seem unexpected. has the following:

Президент подчеркнул, что "Россия всегда была самым верным, последовательным и надежным защитником интересов исламской религии". "Разрушая Россию, эти люди разрушают одну из основных опор исламского мира", - сказал Путин.

The President emphasized that "Russia has always been the most loyal, consistent and reliable defender of the interests of the Islamic religion." "In destroying Russia, these people [Chechen rebels] are destroying one of the main pillars of the Islamic world", Putin said.
Itar-Tass has a more detailed account of the remarks, translated as follows:
'Russia was always the most faithful, reliable and consistent defender of the interests of the Islamic world. Russia was always the best and most reliable partner and ally. By destroying Russia, these people (terrorists) destroy one of main pillars of the Islamic world in the struggle for rights (of Islamic states) in the international arena, the struggle for their legitimate rights,' Putin said, drawing applause of Chechen parliamentarians."

The complete Russian text of Putin's speech is at present available only to IT subscribers.
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