Thursday, September 14, 2006

Podcasting Strategy

Stratfor continues its daily podcast series, with FTTV founder and chief executive Colin Chapman introducing some of the main Stratfor analyses of the day. Although the title of the series is something of a misnomer - the podcasts don't always appear daily, and are probably intended as a "taster" for the complete Stratfor subscription service - the mp3 files are free to download and do give some pointers to Stratfor's thinking on many issues of global geopolitics. Recent items have included an assessment of the UK's Gordon Brown in terms of his foreign policy orientation (the organization doesn't predict much change in that department if Brown does take over from Blair according to plan), a look at al-Qaeda since 2001 (Osama has ended up strengthening the hand of the Shiites in Iran and the Middle East in general, which surely wasn't something he wanted to happen, and suits him just as little as it suits Washington), and a view of Tuesday's attack on the US embassy in Damascus (was it a put-up job by the Syrian authorities? Most likely).
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