Saturday, September 23, 2006

Terror Alert in Prague - II

Via Axis News:

23.09.200614:37 (GMT)
The Czech government decided on heightening the level of security measures on the basis of information received from the Security Information Service (Bezpecnostni informacni sluzba – BIS), daily Mlada fronta Dnes online edition reports. BIS spokesman Jan Subert confirmed speaking to the paper that the threat was serious. He emphasized that all the BIS units are on duty according to the order of the highest security risk level, Mlada fronta Dnes says. Topolanek marked that the information was related "to increased security risks of similar character abroad."The tightened security measures over a possible risk of a terrorist attack, which the Czech government took during the night, has further escalated the already tense relations between the heads of the two strongest parties, Mirek Topolanek and Jiri Paroubek, CTK reports. Former Prime Minister Paroubek, chairman of Social Democrats, told CTK that the news of a terrorist risk threatening Prague had been circulating in certain circles for three weeks already. Topolanek said that it was he who informed Paroubek about the threat three weeks ago."Nevertheless, the information was of a usual intelligence character and only yesterday's and last night's information led security forces to ask the government to deal with it," Topolanek said. Paroubek told CTK he does not comprehend why the government did not inform about the situation at its meeting three days before already.

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek told journalists today afternoon that there is no immediate danger, in connection with the threat of a terrorist attack in Prague, CTK writes. He said the government believe that the security measures taken and the fact that the public have been informed of the danger will eliminate the risk. According to Topolanek, security forces have assured him that the whole security operation is proceeding smoothly. Operation at C line of Prague's underground was interrupted for about an hour after an anonymous caller told police that an explosive had been planted in the underground tunnel on the Nuselsky Bridge, CTK says.
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