Saturday, September 23, 2006

Terror Alert in Prague

Via Axis News:

23.09.200609:35 (GMT)
The Czech government raised security in the capital city, Prague, today after information of what it said was an increased threat of a terrorist attack, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reports, referring to Reuters news agency. Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said the Czech government met during the night and adopted unspecified security measures, according to the RFE/RL.
Czech Prime Minister said in a written statement the information was received from representatives of the security services and police. He marked that the information was related "to increased security risks of similar character abroad." Topolanek reportedly said the government decided to strengthen security measures in Prague "with the aim of eliminating the existing risks," but he gave no further details.

23.09.200610:31 (GMT)
Czech police deployed armed guards in Prague's historic centre today after security services issued its most serious warning of a terrorist attack, Reuters reports from the Czech capital. The possible terrorist attack risk in Prague targets sites that are not specially guarded under normal circumstances, Police President Vladislav Husak said today at a press conference on the extraordinary security measures the government introduced in Prague during the night, news agency CTK says. He told that the police had heightened the protection of tens of buildings in Prague; neither he nor Interior Minister Ivan Langer would specify them. Langer said this is for the first time that the Czech Republic faces such a concrete risk of a terrorist attack. "The information ... was evaluated as serious, the most serious ever," Langer is quoted as saying, though refusing to elaborate. He added that no danger threatens outside the capital of Prague and that no special security measures are taken there. Langer said that the security forces are not in a situation where they would know "when, where, who, what." He stressed that “nevertheless, the message is clear: no unnecessary panic, people who take part in the security measures are professionals." Langer said measures have been taken on three levels: visible, less visible and invisible. Langer did not reply to the question whether the situation is connected with the developments in Norway where the police marred terrorist attacks this week. According to CTK, Langer said the special security measures would be in force for at least several days. The press conference participants would not say "for tactical reasons" whether potential attackers stay on Czech territory. The Prague city authority does not plan to cancel entertainment events at the weekend but it has involved also Prague policemen in security measures that are secured mainly by the national police, Rudolf Blazek deputy mayor of Prague, said Husak said it is considered to call in the military for the time being.

Update (via CTK):

Anonymous caller says bomb planted on a Prague bridge
14:36 - 23.09.2006

Prague- Operation at C line of Prague's underground has been interrupted after an anonymous caller told police at 13:30 today that an explosive had been planted in the underground tunnel on the Nuselsky Bridge, police spokeswoman Eva Miklikova told CTK.

She said road traffic along the bridge had not been interrupted.

Tightened security measures have been in force in the capital since early today over a possible terrorist risk.
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