Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time to Move

It really is time that the United Nations were moved out of New York, and out of the United States. With the Soviet-like hate-speech of Ahmadinejad, and in the light - or rather darkness - of Venezuelan thug Chavez's performance today, the venue that suggests itself is Moscow, or Caracas. This is also apparently something that Chavez himself would welcome, so why not let him have his wish. And then perhaps it's also time that some nations, including the United States, finally made up their minds about whether it's a sensible idea to go on financing, or even being part of, such an organization, which has finally hit rock bottom.

Anne Bayefsky has some excellent commentary on the whole issue here.
Despite the need for the occasional U.N.-eze translation device, what Americans get for their $5 billion a year was painfully clear. First came Secretary-General Kofi Annan. He proclaimed that the Arab-Israeli conflict was the most important conflict on earth today. Why? Because it was “emotional” for “people far removed from the battlefield.” Translation: Anti-Semites from all over the world get emotional about the existence of a Jewish state. Annan’s solution to all this feeling was for the Security Council to end the Israeli “occupation.” Until that time, it was quite understandable that “other conflicts” all over the globe won’t be resolved. Translation: Deliver up Israel on a U.N. carving board or the blood-thirsty mobs will not be satiated. While he was at it, Annan couldn’t resist a dig at the pope. He complained that the feelings of the mob were also provoked by “insensitivity towards other people’s beliefs or sacred symbols — intentional or otherwise.” What the secretary-general did not mention in his final major address before retirement, as he pontificated about the demands of our age, was the word “democracy".
Read it all.

(via lgf and Vital Perspective)
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