Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alyokhina forced to accept defence lawyer

At the Berezniki City Court parole hearing today, Maria Alyokhina was forced to accept a defence lawyer to represent her against her will - but the lawyer, Evgeny Bardin, has said he cannot represent Alyokhina's interests without her consent, and without her participation in the hearing. In spite of this, Judge Shagalov has told him he must act for Alyokhina, and after a short recess the hearing has gone ahead, with the head of the unit inside the penal colony where Alyokhina is held outlining the breaches of prison discipline with which she is charged: these are 1) Not keeping her bed tidy 2) Not wearing a headscarf while using the sewing machine 3) Writing a letter during dinner.

The court is now in recess. A judgment on Alyokhina's parole is due to be given at 17.30.

Update: reports that parole has been denied.

This is the second day of Maria Alyokhina's hunger strike.

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