Friday, April 14, 2006

Felgenhauer on Russia/Iran

Novaya Gazeta defence analyst and correspondent Pavel Felgenhauer recently published an article ("The Iranian Threat Is Being Increased By Russia") exploring the connection between Iran's current nuclear posturing and its links with the Russian federal military and intelligence establishments. The piece concludes (my tr.):
It is well known that in our special services, among the military, and in the defence and nuclear industries, there flourishes an unbridled anti-Americanism, which is usually combined with anti-semitism (according to the old Soviet formula "the Zionists are the main accomplices of the American military"). Similar moods are noticeable in the Kremlin. The recent warm reception in Moscow of the leadership of Hamas is an obvious confirmation of that.

The sale to Iran of weapons which can cause serious losses to the Americans in the case of conflict in the Persian Gulf, or to Jews in Israel, is seen by many influential Russian heads not only as something advantageous, but also ideologically correct. In addition, if the Iranians are able to close the Straits of Hormuz the prices of oil will quadruple, and all one has to do is fill one’s pockets.

So far we know for certain that among the Iranian soldiers and revolutionary guards who directly collaborate with the terrorist organizations in Lebanon, and also among the Palestinians, secret Soviet nuclear delivery systems are appearing one after the other. In such circumstances the falling of nuclear warheads into the same hands is possible at any moment, if it has not already happened.

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