Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Ukraine Agrees to Coalition

UNIAN reports that
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko`s Our Ukraine party will team up in parliament with an alliance led by former premier Yulia Tymoshenko and the Socialists, said Our Ukraine spokesman Valentyn Mondrievsky.

The Regions Party, led by Viktor Yanukovych, which won the most votes in March 26 elections, will remain in opposition, Mondrievsky said in a telephone interview today in Kiev, according to Bloomberg. Our Ukraine party was third in the elections, behind Tymoshenko’s bloc and the Regions Party.

"It is not the forming of a coalition itself," Mondrievsky said. "But we have signed just a general document to show our intention to form a coalition. We reiterate that the elections were free and fair and our main intention is to sustain economic growth, build a civil society and defend human rights."

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