Friday, July 22, 2005

Borozdinovskaya - IV

Human rights activists have proved that the inhabitants of Borozdinovskaya have been detained by military servicemen

Human rights organization "The committee against tortures" obtained information, which proves that 11 inhabitants of the Chechen village of Borozdinovskaya, who have being considered as disappeared without a trace in the course of the raid on the village on 4 June, were detained on suspicion of committing crimes by the soldiers of the Vostok battalion.

In "The committee against tortures" press release, which was sent to Gazetu.Ru, [] an informed source from the Chechen republic presented at the committee's disposal a xerocopy of a sheet of the registration booklet of the duty unit of MVD of Chechnya under No 535 of 5 June, 2005, (registration was marked at 8:15PM).

It's indicated in it that "on 5 June into the duty unit of the MVD of Chechnya entered this report of the operative duty officer of Shelkovsky ROVD, that on 4 June from 3:00Pm to 8:30 PM the soldiers of Vostok battalion numbering 70-80 people, who were moving by two APCs [BTRs], three armored Ural trucks, six-eight UAZ jeeps and passenger motor vehicles, when conducting of special-measures on detention and destruction of the members of illegal armed units in the populated area Borozdinovskaya detained on suspicion of committing crimes some inhabitants of Borozdinovskaya settlement".

In this registration booklet it is also noted, that those particular persons were detained for checking in in the base of data of the information center MVD of Chechnya. However, it was established after the checking that these persons aren't registered, in the data base - it was emphasized in the report.

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