Monday, July 18, 2005

Chronology of Terror

Hamzat Akaev, writing at Chechenpress, has a question:
Has anybody thought, why the chronology of the beginning of the modern version of terrorism begins since the 11th of September, 2001? Why is this date practically always present in statements of George Bush, Blair and their other colleagues by the "antiterrorist" struggle?

And whether there were no autumn explosions in Moscow and other cities of Russia in 1999? Why not to begin the tragic chronology, for example, since September, 9, 1999 , when there was an explosion in the apartment house,in the Guryanov Street in Moscow as the result of which 94 people were lost and more than 200 were wounded? How can such strange forgetfulness be explained? Or are not the lost Russians already considered to be people?

Let's try to answer at least some "whys". Speaking about September explosions in the cities of Russia , it is necessary to note, that there the Russian special services worked, as they say, brilliantly, but till a certain moment.

We do not know, in how many Russian cities there still would be explosions and how many hundreds of “dear Russians” would be blown up, if it had not been for vigilance of the citizens of Ryazan. Thanks to Ryazan inhabitants, the demolition men were seized by their hands, and terrorists turned out to be … employees of the FSB – the special service, which should protect Russians and Russia from especially dangerous crimes, such as terrorism. But it turned out; employees of the Russian special services blew up their citizens. And it happened, when earlier these special services had been headed by the president of Russia Putin! Do they blow up their citizens following the instruction of the president?! However these facts took place and they became known because of the failure, which happened in Ryazan. Thus, there is a fat terrorist stain on president Putin and the whole management of Russia, which till now is not washed off, and it hardly will, as the Kremlin and Lubyanka oppose to carrying out of the objective investigations of the acts of terrorism, witnesses are pursued, and people named to be the suspected, are simply shot. There is no need to hope for objectivity of the courts at the authority of Putin, there can be no speech about it. Thus, Putin with his special services remain to be the main suspected in the Russian acts of terrorism.

Here, probably, there is the answer to the question - why the struggle against “international terrorism” officially begins not since the date of explosions of the houses in September, 1999. If the demolition men from Putin's FSB in Ryazan were not got, there is a great probability that the harmonious annals of international terror would begin since the date of the Russian explosions.

On the other hand, if it had not been for the Ryazan failure, and the special operation against others, planned to be sacrificed for the sake of the territorial integrity, Russians, had passed successfully, it is not known, how much worse the destiny of the population of the Chechen Republic would be. As a matter of fact, Putin has not received an unequivocal "green traffic light" for his actions in the Chechen Republic from his western partners. And even today, in spite of the fact that Putin admits to be a partner in the “Great antiterrorist” one, and leaders of this coalition do not hasten to reproach the Russian partner with genocide in the Caucasus , they do not include the event in Russia in the autumn of 1999 in the list of attacks of the international terror. Why? In fact, to present Russia as the first victim of the international terrorists would be favorable for its logic joining the world fight against terror. If the explosions in the Russian cities are excluded from the list of terrorist attacks, to what category do they correlate? Whether the silence of the "Eight" concerning the explosions in the Russian cities specifies, that president Putin arranged a “Black September” in Russia?

In turn, concealing of the Russian explosions only strengthens suspicions that members of the "Eight" perfectly know the high-ranking terrorist by sight. And now this person is in their around, and at the following summit in Moscow he will be in the role of a hospitable host.

If the silence about so perspective theme for the common antiterrorist business about the explosions in Russia, is the result of doubt of the western leaders in Putin's versions – it means, there is a hope for presence of conscience in them. It is only a pity that the level of conscience and honor in them, almost as according to Marx, depends on the price level of oil and gas.

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