Saturday, July 09, 2005

Different Strokes

Writing in Kommersant, Valery Panyushkin points out the differences between Russian and British reactions to acts of terrorism:
And now, please, follow the reaction of the British authorities and British citizens.

First, will any elections be cancelled in Britain in connection with the London acts of terror with a view to increasing and improving the efficiency of government in the UK and strengthening the vertical of power?

Secondly, will the Prime Minister Tony Blair accuse any TV channel or any TV programme of describing or showing in too great detail the event for the sake of reaching a higher rating, thus preventing the special task forces to liquidate the consequences of the blasts? Will any programme accused by the head of government be closed down? And will the TV channel accused by the head of government change its owner?

Thirdly, will the editor-in-chief of any British newspaper be fired for publishing the photos from the place of the tragedy on the front page of his paper?

Fourthly, will the head of the special services or the commissioner of the London police be awarded for the successful liquidation of the consequences of the terrorist act, or, on the contrary, will any important person from these services be dismissed?

Fifthly, will the British people rally around the ruling party following the act of terror, or, on the contrary, will the opposition in the British parliament accuse the ruling party of thoughtlessly waging an oil war?

Sixthly, will the rules of the registration of newcomers to London be made more complex?

Seventhly, just find out whether people dressed in exotic costumes of all countries of the world are stopped in London streets. Are they stopped because they are not blond and not freckled and should they present their documents there and then?

Just imagine: a typical Moslem man with two wives dressed in black, their heads covered with scarves and surrounded with several children walk around Hyde Park. Suddenly, a policeman comes up to this Moslem man and demands that he produce his documents.

Such a thing cannot be imagined at all.
Hat tip: Marius

[The article can also be read in Russian here]

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