Saturday, July 09, 2005

Clearing Things Up

Global Voices Online has an interesting survey of blogosphere reaction to the Memín Pinguín controversy. One commenter notes:
Well, this has certainly been an issue that leaves people on both sides of it a bit perplexed. The reaction of the black community is also diversified but I think that, if there was anyone that we should get mad at, we should get mad at the American politicians. Having much other stuff to worry about, they played the ’sensitivity on pseudo-racism’ card on the issue… evidently because a few weeks before Vicente Fox had not apologized publically. He just ‘cleared things up’.

I would hope that our american neighbors remember that a sample of one man for a population of 104 million should not be taken into account as a good representation of the whole community.

That is why us mexicans won’t think that americans always choke on pretzels, or forget famous frases (fool me once, shame on… derrrrr), or can’t pronounce nuclear.

Analogically, americans won’t think that all mexicans wear sombreros and eat at taco bells…

So, what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t take one man’s words and condemn a whole country for the ideas of our president, which clearly don’t represent how the majority of Mexico thinks about the USA and black people.

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